At Remote Medical International® (RMI), we prioritize the health and safety of employees and understand that those operating in remote locations are subject to additional risk and medical challenges. As a result, we work closely with our clients to manage their workforce’s medical needs throughout the duration of each assignment, from pre-employment screenings to post-evacuation case management. Our wide range of occupational health services can help support your goals of maintaining a healthy and safe workforce, reducing cost of care for your team, and fulfilling your Duty of Care obligations.

Prior to deployment, we can offer travel consultations and coordinate your staff’s required medical screenings and vaccinations in a personal and cost-effective manner. Our team is composed of trained medical professionals who can subsequently review and verify case documentation according to industry best practices in order to reduce unanticipated costs, ensure accuracy, and meet standards requirements.

On project, the quality of our rigorously trained onsite medics sets us apart from other occupational health providers. RMI medics do not merely wait for illness or injury to happen; they actively and methodically audit and monitor the worksite for health and safety issues and communicate possible hazards with our clients. They also hold daily job safety meetings, run wellness programs, perform substance misuse testing, and perform trainings to enhance the safety and wellbeing of the workforce they are supporting.

We can coordinate onshore care from onset of each injury or illness until the patient is ready to return to the jobsite or reaches maximum medical improvement. Each case is closely managed by our providers, who have significant experience working in occupational health and understand applicable regulations. Based on your requirements, we can also coordinate Fit-For-Duty and Return-to-Work evaluations to ensure that employees may safely resume their activities.

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