At Remote Medial International® (RMI), we recognize the significant benefits of deploying HSE-knowledgeable medics to their clients’ worksites and our medical providers often serve dual roles as both HSE medics and advisors. HSE-trained medics appreciate and can anticipate the risks and hazards of the workplace environment and accordingly provide superior safety consultation and, when needed, best practice emergency medical response.

Our medics are advanced practice medics who also understand how subtle treatment decisions directly impact workplace safety statistics. From medication dosages, wound treatments, examination techniques, and splint placements, the decisions that medics make when managing employees’ injuries, immediately determine the classification of medical cases. By endorsing the HSE-trained medic model, we drastically improve worker’s health and clients’ safety statistics.

RMI Medic Worksite Strategy

  • Establish consistent professional communication with the onsite safety team and the worksite community
  • Establish working knowledge and continual survey of the worksite activities and employee behavior
  • Monitor and manage all personal and work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Attend and contribute to job safety meetings and trainings
  • Deliver safe-worker trainings and health promotion programs
  • Maintain broad knowledge of all safety governing bodies such as OSHA, OGP, IADC, & IAGC
  • Deliver best practice medical care in parallel with case classification criteria: First Aid Case, Medical Treatment Case, Restricted Work, and Lost Time
  • Utilize Topside Assistance case consultation early and often
  • Maintain and improve Advanced Remote Medic skills and competencies

Additionally, when not tasked with medical priorities, onsite HSE medics help ensure an active safety culture by performing:

  • Health and hygiene inspections
  • Potable water quality testing
  • Safety Line Management
  • HSE statistic reporting
  • Industry and project HSE training
  • Tool-box meetings
  • Initiate and maintain hazard observation and stop-the-job programs
  • Lead safety committee meetings

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