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Looking for the most cost-effective solution to bring qualified medical or safety professionals on site? We have two dual role staffing options to fit your needs. Our dual staffing options are perfect for organizations that need expertise delivered quickly to remote locations or challenging work environments.

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Dual Role Medic + HSE Advisor

We offer a combined health and safety staffing option, bringing together an experienced medical professional and qualified HSE Advisor into one role deployed seamlessly to your land-based or offshore workplace.

Our HSE-trained medics appreciate and can anticipate the risks and hazards of the job site and provide superior safety consultation and best practice emergency medical response when needed. From medication dosages and wound treatments to examination techniques and splint placements, the decisions medics make immediately determine the classification of medical cases. By endorsing the HSE-trained medic model, you can drastically improve your workers’ health and your organization’s safety statistics.

Dual Role Technician + Medic

When you need to limit the headcount on a project site or ensure the best value for your employee payroll dollars, a dual role technician and medic is often the best choice to improve productivity while keeping employees safe and healthy.

We can place skilled or unskilled technicians on your job site who are also trained to provide medical duties for routine treatment and emergency response as needed.

A Single, Trusted Solution for Workplace Health and Safety

We offer a single point of contact for busy HSE teams managing both health and safety services.

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“Our employees work in some of the world’s harshest and most remote environments. We count on Remote Medical International to be there with us every step of the way, to help us prevent incidents from occurring, and if something were to occur, to help us minimize the problem and remedy the situation as quickly as possible.”

Tim Granlie, HSE Manager, ION Geophysical

Additional Safety Culture Activities

  • Health and hygiene inspections
  • Potable water quality testing
  • Safety line management
  • HSE statistic reporting
  • Industry and project HSE training
  • Tool-box meetings
  • Initiate and maintain hazard observation and stop-the-job programs
  • Lead safety committee meetings

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