Bone Injection Gun, Pediatric


When IV access is not possible, intraosseous infusion is a safe alternative that allows rapid intravascular access through the bone marrow.

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Bone Injection Gun, Pediatric Description

Studies have shown that survival rates for serious field casualties can depend on the immediate administration of fluids to stabilize shock. When every second counts, delays in placing an IV line can be fatal. Even under field conditions, the B.I.G. (Bone Injection Gun) enables safe and easy IV access to bone marrow in under 60 seconds. B.I.G.’s spring-loaded needle mechanism delivers accurate and consistent results, delivering fluids and medications at flow rates similar to peripheral IV infusion. The B.I.G. presents an easy and safe “position and press” mechanism with a safety latch and wings to protect the provider. The B.I.G. is typically used at the upper tibia plateau with a technique that is simple to learn through a brief training. The B.I.G. is compact and disposable with a 5 year shelf life. In addition to administering fluids, the B.I.G. allows bone marrow to be aspirated for laboratory sampling, all without bringing the provider into contact with the patient’s blood. In Emergency and Military Medicine, the B.I.G. should be standard equipment in every medic and paramedic’s bag. The Pediatric B.I.G. is designed for use on patients 0-12 years of age and features an adjustable barrel to change penetration depth.

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