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The FAST1™ Intraosseous Infusion System saves lives. In a critical resuscitative care situation there is no time to lose. A minute can mean the difference between life and death. The FDA has approved and cleared the FAST1TM Intraosseous Infusion System for use in patients as young as 12 years of age.

The F.A.S.T.1™ System is a sterile, disposable, emergency product. Quick, safe, and reliable, the F.A.S.T.1™ enables adult intraosseous infusion in emergency situations. A rapid and effective alternative to IV infusion, the device allows vascular access to be achieved in 60 seconds with a 95% success rate. Sternum injection site.

The FAST1 System no longer needs requires a removal tool. Same superior sternal placement, now with easier removal. Simply grasp the Insertion Tube at the point of insertion, and pull.

FAST: fluids to the heart in seconds
SIMPLE: success rate of over 95%
EFFECTIVE: for concurrent use with other procedures
SAFE: no cross-contamination

The F.A.S.T.1™ is intended for medical professionals (paramedics, emergency doctors, nurses, and military medics) who have completed a F.A.S.T.1™ training program. The F.A.S.T.1™ is FDA approved and field-proven.

Contents: Introducer, Infusion Tube, Target/Strain-Relief Patch, Protector Dome, Instructions for Use, Iodine Prep Pad, Alcohol Prep Pad, Syringe, Sharps Plug (Iodine Prep Pad and Alcohol Prep Pad for US only)

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