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The RMI Advanced Remote Jump Kit exceeds the capabilities of its Basic & Intermediate counterparts with the inclusion of several crucial pieces of equipment, including the HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator which is the smallest and lightest professional-grade AED among leading global manufacturers.

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RMI Advanced Remote Jump Kit Description

Complete with an Infant/Child key that automatically conforms to pediatric protocols, the HeartStart allows the provider to respond to cardiac emergencies. The RMI Advanced Remote Jump Kit includes head, eyes, ears, nose, neck, and throat (HEENT) equipment including an eye irrigation delivery set. In addition to all of the capabilities of the RMI Intermediate Jump Kit, the Advanced Jump Kit also includes basic dental care, lice and scabies treatment, and a comprehensive sick call module that will support 15-20 people for up to one month of care.

As a first response solution for skilled providers, this kit allows medical providers to assess, stabilize, and manage a patient for 12-24 hours while waiting for an evacuation. The RMI Advanced Remote Jump Kit utilizes a backpack design based on the concept of a single care provider working with limited support. Intuitively organized with a modular system of IV Therapy, IO Access, and Wound Management modules, this kit facilitates immediate access to supplies and clear communication between providers.

The RMI Advanced Remote Jump Kit also includes a range of medications for treating allergic reactions and cardiac, respiratory, and diabetic emergencies. While an IV or ET tube would be practical in an urban environment, this kit includes an IO and King Airway which are suited for remote environments where providers are often responding with limited or no support. This kit also includes non-narcotic pain control, antiemetics, and trauma supplies such as bleeding control, traction splints, and traditional splinting.


  • Heartstart FR3 Defibrillator w/EKG capabilities
  • Head, eyes, ears, nose, neck, and throat (HEENT) equipment
  • Sick Call OTC medications
  • Lice & scabies treatment
  • Basic dental emergencies
  • IV Therapy
  • IO Access
  • Bleeding & hemorrhage
  • Basic & intermediate wound management
  • Basic orthopedic
  • Basic & Intermediate Airway
  • Hypothermia
  • Vital signs assessment (blood glucometer, SPO2, thermometer, stethoscope, pupillary response, blood pressure cuff, etc.)
  • Emergency medications (w/non-narcotic pain control, antiemetics, narcotic overdose, etc.)
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Level of Care: Advanced Life Support
Intended User Certification: Paramedic, Remote Medicine Advanced Provider (RMAP)
Prescription Authorization: Required

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