Sponsor Profile: EverGreen Escapes

Jake Haupert in the backcountry, photo courtesy of EverGreen Escapes.

Our latest profile takes a look at the training that Remote Medical International provides for Seattle-based EverGreen Escapes.

A little over four years ago, Jake Haupert was looking for a sustainable adventure and expedition company. He had already spent his career in the travel business, working all over the world from California to New Zealand. “I kept looking around and there really was a void in the market. That’s how EverGreen Escapes was born.”

Jake’s idea was to blend the culture and geography unique to this area. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment all around him, Jake wanted to create a truly Pacific Northwest experience for travelers from all over. “We started out small. Maybe ten tours in our first six months. In the last six months, we had over 600.” With the increase in tours came the need to examine the environmental impact. “We’re really on the cutting edge in our commitment to sustainability.”

EverGreen Escapes is now the Northwest’s premier ecotourism company. Jake credits his guides for that. “We don’t have tour guides. We have escape artists. These are highly experienced, educated professionals. Tours take place year round and having that depth of knowledge and experience lets us offer exciting tours no matter what season.”

One of Evergreen Escapes’s energy efficient vehicles on a trek. Photo courtesy of EverGreen Escapes.

Part of what makes the professionals at EverGreen Escapes stand above the rest is their wilderness medical training. “There is a real lack of a certifying body that forces tour guides to certify with basic training. The National Park Service requires a WFA (Wilderness First Aid) certification for their permit, but that’s about it.” EverGreen Escapes decided to certify their employees above and beyond regardless. And they chose Remote Medical to do the training.

“Hosting a course from Remote Medical [International] was great. They were professionals and provided exactly what we wanted.” Jake says that EverGreen Escapes will likely host their next course in 2011, again with Remote Medical. “We want this to be an annual training for our guides. The fact that [Remote Medical] is a local provider makes that even easier.”

Remote Medical provides wilderness medical courses all over the country. Whether a client is looking for a basic WFA training course or a unique curriculum, Remote Medical can create a course for any need. Look for the next Remote Medical profile here soon.

In the meantime, don’t forget to submit your wilderness medicine story by 30 September, 2010 and win some cool prizes! Entries should be sent to ecoltrera@remotemedical.com.

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