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Remote Medical International recently wrapped up another great Wilderness EMT course this past August with terrific results. 100% of our students passed the National Registry EMT-B exam on their first try. This brings our cumulative average on the exam from all of our past WEMT courses up to almost 99%. Compare this to the National average of a 72% pass rate (January – May 2007) and I think it’s clear that we’re teaching great courses.

In my opinion, our high success rate in Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician training can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, our instructors are not only great teachers, but also are actively working providing medical care in remote and challenging settings. This gives them a unique perspective when teaching the skills, as you can be assured they’ve actually seen what they’re teaching and dealt with it in a remote environment. Pairing this experience with the only Wilderness EMT curriculum exclusively focused on remote care, and you have an outstanding learning environment for students.

Furthermore, the use of advanced training tools in the course, such as ALS manikins, foley catheritization simulators, and suture arms provide students with the most realistic scenarios and practice opportunities possible.

Finally, as with our past WEMT courses, I have to give our students a lot of the credit. We had a great group of students at this course that, despite some long and stressful days, maintained their motivation and finished with great success.