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For a long time we have been waiting for a worthwhile hemostatic agent/tool worth including in our Equipment & Supply Division, and at last CELOX™ is here. I recently saw this stuff at the Wilderness Medicine National Conference with our friends at SAM Medical Products, and have been eagerly awaiting FDA approval.

The unusual properties of CELOX™ have been confirmed in wound models, where they have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to control major arterial bleeding, without cautery from traumatic wounds. The granular presentation provides a simple, quick way to stop bleeding and is particularly useful in treating difficult and deep wounds. A clot forms at the site of the injured blood vessel within minutes after pouring the powder into the wound. The granules transform into a gelled clot. The gelled clot is easy to remove.

CELOX™ has no known side effects, doesn’t generate heat, and it it works on all blood temperatures and blood, including heparnized blood, and is a natural antimicrobial agent. The best part, is the cost is much lower than any of its competing products.

Celox™ is available in 15g and 35g packs.

In our Medical & Rescue Support Division, we have always had blood stopping powder in our clinics and emergency bags. Neither compare to CELOX™ in effectiveness, cost, or side effects. We are excited to add this remarkable product into our Equipment & Supply Division.

If you are interested in CELOX™ for your agency or organization, please Contact our Equipment & Supply Division