Due to COVID-19, protecting the health of employees has become an increasingly important element of an organization’s business strategy.

If your company is looking to restart commercial activities, or create a management plan for operational stability, you need to acclimate to how the pandemic has changed the business environment. This knowledge can help your company gain an advantage over competitors.

Webinar Video

In July, Remote Medical International partnered with the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) to sponsor and host an educational webinar on developing a robust COVID-19 strategy. The webinar presentation host was our own Senior Medical Director, Dr. Richard Misiaszek.

This webinar from Dr. Misiaszek explains how a COVID-19 management plan is a key to reducing the risk COVID-19 presents to your business and employees. A thoroughly thought out COVID-19 plan protects workers so that organizations can thrive.

The educational goals of this webinar are to help the viewer:

  • Understand SARS-CoV-2, the clinical symptoms, and the natural history of COVID-19.​
  • Appreciate the global impact of COVID-19 and identify the highest risk populations for severe disease.​
  • Explore strategies to maximize the risk reduction of a COVID-19 outbreak within a workforce and why these strategies are essential to implement.​
  • Understand testing options, limitations, and technical considerations.​
  • Support a culture of education and safety.​
  • Identify an approach to COVID-19 screening, case management, and return to work.

If your company has been struggling to understand how it can integrate screening, testing, surveillance, and return-to-work services into the development of a COVID-19 management plan, this webinar is for you. We’ll explain how you can seamlessly integrate all of these elements into your regular business operations.

View the webinar recording for an explanation of the differences between the available COVID-19 testing options and their limitations. The video will also explain how you can evaluate your COVID-19 management needs on your worksite and prevent an outbreak within your workforce.


Are you interested in learning more about how you can protect your employees’ health and stabilize business activities?

Remote Medical International’s COVID-19 Services can protect employees’ health and well-being on various job sites from remote pipeline installations to offshore wind and maritime operations.

Contact us to learn how to build a COVID-19 program that takes into account the best medical practice while also staying within your budget.