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COVID-19 continues to create challenges for businesses that are trying to resume their normal operations. While it’s understandable that employers and employees want to get back to work, most companies do not have a COVID-19 expert at their project site to address COVID-19 concerns.

The desire to return to work is not enough. Companies need to address several health and safety issues around COVID-19 before business activities can resume safely. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic was an event that most organizations didn’t see coming.

Developing a Plan for an Unanticipated Pandemic

Because of the unanticipated nature of the pandemic, most organizations don’t have a contingency plan for navigating their new reality. 

However, Remote Medical International can help by providing your business with a COVID-19 Consulting Program and supporting services.

The program and services include:

  • Discovery & Assessment: We’ll start with a discovery and assessment phase to gather project information, operational information, and company-specific requirements.
  • COVID-19 Program Development: Our medical experts will work with you to develop a custom program for how to address COVID-19 concerns at your project site. 
    • You’ll receive evidence-based recommendations on quarantine measures, safe operating practices, project initiation, daily point of entry screening methods, incorporation of testing strategies, managing COVID-19 on-project, return to work guidance, and implementation setup and workflow. 
  • Ongoing Advice & Support: When required, we’ll provide continued consulting advice and support to assist with your ongoing program needs.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Our goal is to help you with a customized plan that gets your company back to work. We’ll give you the knowledge and tools to keep your workforce resilient, despite the threat of a continuing pandemic.

The elements of our COVID-19 Consulting Program offer a proactive process that will help you design a COVID-19 program that assesses your situation and utilizes your resources most effectively.

Designing A COVID-19 Strategy

Every company has unique operations with numerous variables that have an impact on the optimal COVID-19 strategy. Our consulting program begins with understanding those variables and builds your plan around them.

Some considerations that go into how your program will be designed:

  • Is your employee population working in a fully contained area?
  • Do your employees have visitors coming to the site?
  • What exposure do your employees have when they are away from the job site?
  • What healthcare resources are available nearby?
  • Where do your employees travel from prior to arriving at the job site?
  • Do you have areas on your job site where employees are required to work in close proximity?

To design a useful program for your company, we must take all of these elements into consideration. That’s the goal of our consulting program – understanding all of the ways that COVID-19 impacts your business.

As an example, companies that allow more visitors in a project area with less access to healthcare may require a more comprehensive screening and testing process than companies that only have a few employees or work in an area with easy access to healthcare. We’ll work with you to determine what level of testing and screening is appropriate for your business. 

Any company can screen employees with a questionnaire, many companies can do rapid diagnostic testing, but setting up a program to effectively manage COVID-19 on a job site takes real expertise and experience.

Our medical experts can navigate the dynamic health recommendations for COVID-19 to help you develop a plan to restart your business, manage the virus on the project, and keep your company operating.

Unique Requirements Require Unique Solutions

Our COVID-19 consulting team will design the best solution for your project. Contact us to find out how we can create a custom COVID-19 plan for your project site.