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Continuing work in the face of the pandemic brought about a unique set of challenges for the film and entertainment industry.

The need for close proximity between crew members, talent, and other employees to produce content made social distancing protocols nearly impossible. That, coupled with the ever-changing laws, regulations, and policies surrounding COVID-19 protocols, made maintaining tight production schedules extremely difficult.

While the need for on-location medical services for production companies has always been necessary, RMI recognized the need for new, comprehensive services to keep on and off-screen staff safe.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, RMI has helped numerous productions keep rolling with flexible health and safety services designed exclusively for media and entertainment companies filming or holding events worldwide.

RMI and the Entertainment Industry

Because every production’s safety and medical needs are unique, our services are as broad as they are in-depth.

Start in the writers’ room and go all the way into the production and post-production phase with our comprehensive services, including:

  • Daily on-site COVID-19 screening and testing
  • Concierge COVID-19 testing services
  • Return to production health and safety planning
  • On-site medical professionals to treat injuries and illnesses
  • Risk mitigation planning for overseas travel
  • Compliance with local laws and organization regulations
  • Medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE)

We Know the Industry

We’re well versed in SAG-AFTRA regulations and the complex layers of the film and entertainment industry, ensuring your production complies with all applicable policies.

RMI sets up teams that can be scaled up or down, from testing personnel and administrative teams to health and safety staffing services for COVID-19 specific positions that are unique to different regulating bodies such as on-site HSE advisors.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing within the film and entertainment industry isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s a critical support piece that can cause your production to grind to a halt if not handled correctly.

Say you have 500 people on-site, and your production will last for 6 months; if you’re required to complete daily COVID-19 tests on even 100 of those people, it adds up quickly.

We’ve done testing that totaled around 30,000 PCR tests for a single project at a time. The coordination required for that amount of testing is immense. Our team communicates with project managers, commercial communications teams, on-site teams, test manufacturers, testing labs, and couriers to ensure you meet all testing and safety protocols.

A whole ecosystem of moving pieces needs to be appropriately managed to carry out this critical aspect of production. Without it, you’re putting the safety of your staff and the success of your production at risk.

What Makes RMI Unique

While many companies that provide COVID-19 testing services exclusively for productions have popped up, we offer a complete suite of solutions.

We have broader medical capabilities, including medical directors, a clinical team, and a whole infrastructure that supports our staff—allowing us to provide an unparalleled depth to our health and safety resources.

Beyond on-site COVID-19 testing services, our top-notch set medics, concierge testing, telemedicine and case management solution, and COVID-19 case management offerings allow you to provide a holistic approach to your staff’s safety. Plus, our breadth of services is advantageous to those interested in working with fewer suppliers.

Provide Top-Notch Care to Your Entertainment Staff

The film and entertainment industry is dynamic and fast-paced, making the absence of proper health and safety management a catalyst for undesirable delays, and ultimately, sick or injured staff members.

Set your production up for success with help from RMI—our flexible and comprehensive services go all the way from pre to post-production and can be customized for clients in a variety of industries.

Let’s Talk About How We Can Keep Your Staff Safe