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Amber Valenti, MPAS PA-C,  joined Remote Medical International® in 2008 as a WEMT instructor. With a contagious passion for teaching and remote medicine, it was only a matter of time before Amber took her skill set to the next level as a Physician Assistant. After spending half a decade with Amber, the RMI team is thrilled to now support her latest journey with the Nobody’s River Project (NBR).

In May, Amber will join three other skilled adventurers in a 4,000 kilometer journey along the single longest undammed river in the eastern hemisphere. The Amur River traverses the remote and largely untamed landscapes of Mongolia, China, and Russia which hold tricky border crossings with a large military presence and many other political and logistical challenges. Together, Amber and her team will travel for approximately three months via horsepack, packcraft, and kayak with the goal of providing ecological documentation. NBR plans to catalog species diversity and collect water quality measurements across over 380 million acres of watershed.

With particular emphasis on changes at major tributaries, the Nobody’s River Project is “honored to help document this incredible place while it remains undammed and bring back our findings to inform river management in our own communities and across the globe.”

Remote Medical International is proud to sponsor NBR in their journey to document one of the last free flowing rivers in the world. We’re currently working with NBR to fulfill a “wish list” of medical supplies customized for the unique challenges that their project presents. The Russian side of the Amur alone is home to approximately 2,800 plant and 500 animal species. With only two major bridges along its entire length, the river is a precious example of what a geographically unaltered river looks and acts like. It’s also a severe example of traversing in an area where the hospital is not an option. With the occasional anticipated flood in monsoon season and thick fogs that can lower canyon visibility to less than a few meters, Amber and her team will benefit from the peace of mind provided by RMI’s telemedicine and evacuation coordination services. We’re thrilled to sponsor NBR in their journey and look forward to sharing updates, information, and medical preparation tips and insights.

For more information in the meantime, stay tuned to NBR via Twitter and Facebook.