Local Health Facilities Review

Remote Medical International’s Local Health Facilities (LHF) Review ensures that your team has global access to adequate facilities verified by remote medical professionals. From intensive desktop research to a thorough onsite audit, the LHF Review delivers peace of mind by locating and evaluating current medical capabilities and critical medical assets.

The Local Health Facilities Review was designed by a team of medical professionals and corporate executives who sought to create a standard for validating medical care assets in remote areas. By having a third party document and verify the logistical and operational details of a medical facility, your team can rely on accurate feedback on medical equipment, policies and protocols, hours of operation, and communication capabilities. Utilizing our medical expertise, the LHF Review determines whether or not a facility can provide the care you require.

Confirmed Capabilities and Certifications

Remote Medical International conducts a preliminary facilities review through intensive desktop research. This information is then verified by a thorough onsite audit by trained RMI medical professionals. Our team identifies key personnel at each facility and confirms their certifications and contact information. Equipped with a detailed audit checklist, we double check each capability so you don’t have to leave your medical needs to chance.

Approved Policies & Protocols

In a world where policies and protocols vary, the LHF Review determines the extent to which a facility follows RMI-approved medical guidelines. From sanitation policies to disease control, our team verifies the existence of proper medical policies and protocols both on paper and in practice.

Verified and Approved Equipment

The LHF Review does more than verify the existence of medical equipment. Our team travels to the facility to manually flip the switches and test the products that keep you safe. The LHF Review also confirms expiration dates and proper storage of critical medications. By verifying that all medical equipment and supplies are in working order, you won’t have to second guess your safety.

Organized Communication and Payment Plans

We understand the complexity and importance of your medical needs. With the LHF Review, your team enjoys peace of mind knowing that all contact information is current and in working order. Our team confirms language capabilities by speaking with key staff at the facility. We research and confirm the facility payment structure so you know when and how payment is required.

Preparation for Advanced Care

While a remote-area facility may be approved for medical care, it is important to identify the location of the next available level of support. The LHF Review prepares your team for advanced medical support by determining the nearest facility for definitive care. When prevention is not enough, our LHF Review keeps you prepared in the case of emergency.

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