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We serve an incredibly diverse set of clients who have one thing in common: operations that demand dynamic and customized medical capability. This is especially the case for our corporate clients and their associated security and executive protection teams. At first glance, corporate clients and remote medical care appear to be an unlikely match. Top executives traveling in private jets doesn’t exactly go hand-in-hand with the rugged environment associated with remote medicine. Why would Fortune 100 corporations and ultra-high net worth individuals need remote medical services? Don’t they always have direct access to the best medical care money can buy?

But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that this population faces unique challenges that can’t be solved by traditional emergency medical services. In today’s increasingly international business landscape, corporate and executive operations are complex and far flung. Protecting the health and safety of employees, executives, and principals is now a requirement of successful corporations. Business needs to keep moving, and capable logistics must be available. Standard healthcare infrastructure is used as a first resort, but what if the hospital isn’t an option?

That’s where we come in. Here are a few recent examples of how Remote Medical International® has provided medical support for corporate and international logistics:

  • H1N1 (Bird Flu): The 2009 H1N1 pandemic served as a serious wake-up call for nations, corporations and individual travelers. Information changed quickly during the outbreak and panic caused widespread disruption. Tamiflu, which was considered one of the few prophylaxis and treatment options, was virtually impossible to secure. Our staff worked around the clock to provide immediate medical attention during the outbreak.
  • Arab Spring: In 2011, multiple countries in the Arab world experienced a revolutionary wave of protests and demonstrations that ground infrastructure to a halt and increased exposure to violence. We provided our media industry clients with telemedicine and customized medical kits. Those with ongoing contracts were able to immediately utilize their training and specialized equipment at Arab Spring’s onset.
  • Natural Disasters: Also in 2011, the Japan tsunami immobilized even the most developed medical and healthcare infrastructures. In a matter of days, international business hubs became disaster zones. In the United States, urban centers including the San Francisco Bay area, Southern California and Seattle are exposed to potential earthquakes and associated events. We prepare our clients in the tech field for natural disaster by providing training and emergency medical kits for corporate offices. During times of crisis, the evacuation services that many corporations contract with become crippled by the volume of response that natural disasters require. Remote Medical International has the experience and capability to manage our clients during the most critical of times.

RMI corporate and executive clients are leaders in their field, and they are known for excellence. It’s critical to our clients’ operations to have direct access to a team that can professionally and efficiently support any medical incident. We use our expertise to deliver peace of mind and benefit the bottom line.

Our Relationship Managers and medical professionals consult with our clients’ teams to locate and prepare for medical risks and to understand both the scope of operations and the populations being served. Following the initial consult we develop appropriate solutions based on our current industry experience. Typical services include telemedicine, custom kits, certification and sustainment training, and corporate medical direction.

Whether you require a corporate medical audit, a custom medical training for your executive protection team, or services for international or traveling staff, we provide the expertise and capabilities to protect your team and your business anywhere in the world.

For more information, please contact Tom Milne, Corporate and Executive Protection Relationship Manager. Email Tom