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Remote Medical International providers Michael and Phoebe

On May 31, 2017, a vehicle-borne suicide bomb detonated in Kabul’s diplomatic quarter a few hundred yards from one of Remote Medical International’s local clinics. Instantly killing some 150 people and wounding an estimated 300 others, the bomb also injured Remote Medical International’s Physician Assistant Phoebe Mbuvi.

Only after opening the Casualty Collection Point to triage patients, overseeing evacuations and setting treatment priorities for an additional 53 patients, did Mbuvi allow herself to be evacuated for treatment.

Upon her return from treatment, Mbuvi resumed managing the remaining 44 patients in her care, providing treatment and fulfilling her duties for the remainder of her rotation.

Remote Medical International has been supporting our client with two clinical locations in Afghanistan since May 2014. These clinics are staffed by Remote Medical International physician assistants and paramedics who provide a high level of medical support to maintain employee health.

The staff at these clinics often see challenging circumstances and because of Mbuvi’s professionalism, rapid response and calm demeanor, she is recognized by our client:

“The tragic events of May 31 will remain memorable for a long time, but if there was a positive aspect of the day, it would be what was widely recognized as the superb performance of our Remote Medical International teammates. The professionalism, dedication, speed, and efficiency with which the Remote Medical International staff responded to the detonation was inspiring. [Client] extends its deepest gratitude to Remote Medical International for its superior performance before, during, and after this attack. We are proud to be teamed with such a professional organization.”

We are proud to have people of Mbuvi’s quality, character, and professionalism working with our clients. Mbuvi has since recovered from her injuries and completed several additional rotations on the project, continuing to stand ready for whatever might come. The Remote Medical International field staff frequently go above and beyond for their clients, Mbuvi being one of them.