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Even though it is unclear when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, some sectors of the US economy are trying to resume business operations cautiously.

Businesses that want to get back to work are looking to restart as soon as possible. The problem these firms are having is that they do not have the proper medical support they need to navigate the challenging environment that COVID-19 has created.

The COVID-19 Support Your Company Needs

Without proper medical support around COVID-19, companies cannot allow their employees to return as rapidly as they would like.

Remote Medical International is committed to the ongoing effort to fight the pandemic. We’ve expanded our services around COVID-19 for US-based workforces. Our goal is to create a healthy environment for your workforce and the community while ensuring a rapid restoration of business activities and resilient operations.

COVID-19 Services

Our suite of COVID-19 Services provides you with the tools you need to get your employees back to work. We’ll help you get your operation online as fast as possible.

  • Consulting: Our medical experts will work with you to understand your situation and where you need support. We can develop a COVID-19 management program that works for your company.
  • Screening: We’ll screen your employees for COVID-19 using the latest CDC guidelines as the first level of assessment. We can perform screenings onsite or remotely via mobile and web applications.
  • Testing: If you need objective data, we can perform COVID-19 testing. We offer a complete range of customizable testing solutions to fit your needs. 
  • Case Management: We’ll assist employees who test positive. They’ll get the care they need, and we’ll get them back to work as soon as possible.

Utilizing our services, our team will get your business operations up and running again and help you manage the threat that COVID-19 presents for your company. Our management of COVID-19 in your industrial environment centers around several goals that will stabilize your business operations.

Stabilize Business Operations

Our medical experts will help you reduce your liability and keep your employees safe and healthy by performing daily screenings of your workforce to make sure they’re symptom-free.

We’ll keep your healthy employees working, and we’ll make sure those who are sick are isolated until they are ready to return to work. You’ll be able to support your local community by resuming business activities and preventing the spread of the virus.

Our team will put you in a position that enables you to deliver solutions to the problems COVID-19 has caused your company, using your existing resources. 

Our mission is to use our medical expertise to understand your situation and mitigate the impact of COVID-19, allowing you to be proactive about employee safety as well as operational stability.

After we get you up and running again, our COVID-19 Services will allow your organization to maintain operations and remain resilient during the outbreak to prevent another period of downtime.

Ready To Get Back To Work?

Is your company ready to get back to work? Contact us to find out how quickly we can restore your business activities and develop resilient operations for the future.