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As part of a continuing effort to save lives and improve workers’ health in diverse job sites, Remote Medical International (RMI) has partnered with New Frontier Group to support its operations in and around the US.

RMI COO, Paul Budak, explains, “we have clients with significant operations in the US, both on-shore and off-shore. (W)hen their staff fall ill or get injured, we want a partner that can help us access the most appropriate medical services and manage the treatment and costs on behalf of our clients.”

A Partner That Expands Client Access to Claims Management Services 

A critical factor in RMI’s decision to partner with New Frontier Group was its ability to provide expanded access to medical claims management to clients.

The augmented service gives clients additional support in managing their US health claim portfolios.

Gitte Bach, New Frontier Group President & CEO, adds, “we are extremely proud to welcome RMI as a new client and look forward to working closely with them with regards to their medical needs here in the US.”

Award-winning Services

New Frontier Group is a multiple award-winning US medical claims management and cost containment solutions provider that supports some of the largest insurance and assistance groups in the global health and travel industry.

Its focus is on helping its clients navigate the complex US healthcare system and facilitating 24/7 access to excellent and cost-effective healthcare via multiple channels. For more information about New Frontier Group, visit

Access Enhanced Claims Management Support for Your Organization

This cooperative agreement will enhance RMI’s capability to provide high-quality workplace health and safety services and allow clients to access New Frontier Group’s award-winning services for their industrial and remote projects in the US.

Find out how our partnership can provide your company with minimized costs for medical and safety services while retaining our adaptability in changing situations.

Get Enhanced Claims Management Support