Best in Show: SWAT-T Tactical Tourniquet


The Stretch-Wrap-And-Tuck (SWAT)-Tourniquet was featured in the "Best of Show" for SHOT 2009.

I know what you’re thinking–How much can one guy blog about tourniquets?  Not even multiple tourniquets, one tourniquet–the SWAT-T.

As a gear junkie, I love items that are lightweight, durable, and multi-functional.  With the SWAT-T meeting all of those criteria, it’s a no-brainer in my medical kit.  I even equate it to the medical version of the bungee cord and duct tape combined.  Yes, the guys around the office do make fun of me because of my affliction with a 4″ wide rubber band.

Now, imagine yourself standing in a mile long by quarter mile wide building.  Now fill it with outdoor gear, machine guns, parachutes, and enough carbon fiber to make any weight-weanie drool.  Everything a person could ever dream of wanting on a hunting trip, expedition, or tactical mission.  This is the SHOT Show.  Contemplate all of the precision engineering, manufacturing, and marketing going into all of those items.  Now pick a handful those items as “the best.” Tough.


I was fortunate enough to work with 5.11 Tactical Series to display the SWAT-T Tactical Tourniquet at the SHOT Show.  The result:  Police Magazine picked the SWAT-T as “SHOT Show 2009 Best in Show.”  Congratulations Dr. Blankenship!  Utility, simplicity, and affordability.  The SWAT-T is a “must have” in any medical kit or tactical loadout.

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