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When used in conjunction with Remote Medical International’s ACCESS™ Telemedicine Service, the Tempus IC (shown above) allows US based emergency physicians to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients virtually anywhere in the world.Remote Medical International® strongly believes in integrated solutions, and when it comes to health and safety planning there is no better combination than basic training coupled with durable equipment and comprehensive support. As your single-source supplier for remote medical equipment and services, we offer Remote Medical ACCESS™, a telemedicine service that provides 24/7 direct medical support from board certified emergency and specialty physicians.

A subscription to our telemedicine service allows for real-time routine, preventative, and emergency medical advice and evacuation coordination customized to your unique medical needs. If you’re working or playing in a remote environment, our telemedicine service offers a more affordable alternative to staffing an on-site paramedic. With Remote Medical ACCESS™, your team can rest easy knowing that you’re covered by experienced medical professionals without the liability risks that can accompany other forms of medical support.

Many of our clients use our telemedicine services in tandem with custom-built medical kits. By doing so, a complete inventory of your medical equipment is uploaded directly into your electronic file to ensure immediate and personalized solutions. From oxygen kits and antibiotics to defibrillators and suturing materials, our step-by-step support prevents evacuations and successfully responds to emergencies.

Karen Dix, director of Camp Ogichi Daa Kwe in International Falls, Minnesota, is a long-time ACCESS™ subscriber.

“Having Remote Medical telemedicine service coupled with WAFA [Wilderness Advanced First Aid] training from RMI instructors has given our staff increased confidence in securing timely medical advice,” said Dix. “Every kind of medical emergency can be directed to the specialist needed, and – as a result – costly evacuations have been avoided.”

As an ACCESS™ subscriber, Dix takes comfort in knowing that her company has 24/7 support for medical problems that require integrated and comprehensive solutions. Feel free to give us a call for more information on our telemedicine services.