RMI CONNECT global telemedicine provides members with comprehensive medical advice and logistical support worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Through RMI CONNECT, members receive unlimited access to RMI’s Global Coordination Center via phone, internet, and video. RMI’s Medical Coordination Specialists provide members with a single point of contact to manage cases from start to finish. The RMI CONNECT team provides emergency consultation and advice, walks clients through step-by-step treatment, assesses and monitors our members’ medical condition, and coordinates evacuation when necessary.

24/7/365 Integrated Medical Support

The Global Coordination Center (GCC) is staffed around the clock by Medical Coordination Specialists with extensive real-world remote medical experience. The RMI CONNECT team is available as a dedicated connection point for all your medical needs both big and small.

Evacuation Coordination & Access to Definitive Care

The RMI CONNECT team identifies medical emergencies that require definitive care and provides coordination with local clinics, hospitals, medical providers, and emergency transportation. By accurately assessing and managing a situation via telemedicine, we can help you prevent costly and avoidable evacuations without compromising the health and safety of your personnel.

Prevention & Planning

With unlimited access to the GCC, RMI CONNECT members are encouraged to utilize our Medical Coordination Specialists for non-emergency consultations, trial calls, everyday medical questions, and travel health advice.

Electronic Medical Files & Personalized Care

RMI’s Medical Coordination Specialists track all medical interactions with electronic patient care records. These records are stored in a confidential database and are utilized by the RMI CONNECT team. From details regarding your exact location to the contents in your medical kit, we gather and utilize information on your capabilities in order to respond quickly and efficiently to your specific needs. If you require translation services, our Medical Coordination Specialists will connect you to a specialist with the required language capabilities.

Customized Medical Kits

RMI takes your telemedicine subscription to the next level by offering custom-built medical kits tailored to your unique needs. Personalized to your geographic and medical requirements, our team works with you to build a medical kit that maximizes your ability to respond to emergencies.

Prescription Authorization

Regardless of location, RMI CONNECT members can receive prescription authorizations to be used under physician direction. An RMI CONNECT membership simplifies international travel and remote operations by overseeing medical compliance and authorizing the ability to carry and dispense pharmaceuticals.