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Staff Stories: Wildfire Containment

When working in a remote and challenging environment, you need to expect the unexpected. In a recent report from one of our medical field staff, he details his experience utilizing his Fire and EMS experience assisting in wildfire containment while providing medical support to a project.

“A rapid-developing wildland fire broke out approximately 250 yards from the base camp of the project I was working on as medical field staff personnel. The vertical column was visible from over 20 miles away.

Staff Stories: Wildfire ContainmentAs I arrived in the Remote Medical International Mobile Treatment Clinic (MTC), the column was collapsing across the local highway and reducing visibility to less than 100 feet. Additionally, this was causing fire spots around the main area of the fire. Since local engine companies and law enforcement had not yet arrived, I posted the MTC at the intersection of the highway to assist with redirecting traffic to safety.

Pushed by afternoon winds, the fire began to accelerate towards a residential structure in the direction of the project base camp. Local and mutual aid departments arrived and initiated the attack on the fire, in coordination with Department of Transportation (DOT), who began directing traffic flow.

Upon request by the DOT, the project office was contacted by the client and who were then authorized to dispatch additional equipment to assist with cutting a line around the head of the fire, which had begun burning in the surrounding small scrub. The Remote Medical International MTC provided rehydration to the local responders following containment of the fire.

This fire line and a local county road were the only barriers between the main fire body and the project base camp. Had it not been stopped, the fire would have destroyed several trailers and mobile warehouse.

Through the combined efforts of the on-site project team, the Remote Medical International staff, and the local fire services, the fire was successfully contained and stopped with no one injured and no structures lost.

This just goes to show the diversity of people who are part of the Remote Medical International team; not only Wilderness/Remote Health Care professionals, but also individuals who have operational history in Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Military, and other disciplines. Because of this, our teams are able to come together to support our clients and their diverse missions.”

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