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At any given hour, somewhere in the world, Remote Medical International is awake. RMI coordinates medical evacuations as the sun rises in Seattle, ships cold-chain pharmaceuticals overnight to Afghanistan, and staffs clinics in the heat of northern Kenya. RMI has supported clients on every continent and ocean in the world. With each contract and every client, we provide comprehensive medical solutions beyond the conventional emergency medical response system.

RMI’s customer base is diverse, comprising of the energy sector, government services, non-government organizations, corporate clients, military and law enforcement, global logistics providers, and high-net-worth individuals. RMI recognizes that, unlike the urban environment, medical care in the remote setting poses unique challenges. Take a look at our most recent past performance to see the difference RMI can make in the face of limited resources, environmental hazards, and extended time to definitive medical care.

Afghan Vision Group – Afghanistan

RMI procured and delivered over $2 million of fire fighting equipment for the U.S. Air Force in support of the Combined Forces Command and Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan. The equipment included: extrication tools, hand tools, SCBA compressors, monitors, hoses, fittings, and firefighting foam. RMI was responsible for procuring, shipping and completing all customs requirements for direct shipment to a military base in Afghanistan.

Associated Pipeline – USA

RMI provides Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and 4×4 mobile treatment centers for remote site pipeline construction projects throughout the U.S. The EMTs’ responsibilities include assisting HSE personnel and providing first aid and emergency response.

Babcock & Wilcox Company – USA

RMI provided ALS medical support personnel to respond to first aid and emergency medical situations onsite while B&W employees worked on a boiler repair project. Additional services included the supply of all clinic equipment, drug and alcohol testing, and respirator fit testing.

British Petroleum – USA

Remote Medical International provides on-demand 24/7 clinical services for emergency and large-scale spill response. RMI has employed physicians, physician assistants, and paramedics to these sites and operated a 24-hour clinic for onsite employees including occupational health services, urgent care, and routine primary medical care.

Chugach Alaska Corporation – USA

RMI provides 24/7 primary and emergency medical care in support of the U.S. Air Force populations and local attendant contracting staff on multiple remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. The scope of work includes: medical direction consulting, conducting pre-employment physical qualifications, annual fire fighter physicals, and primary care including x-ray and laboratory services, drug & alcohol testing services, patient record management, emergency response services, and facilities inspections. RMI provides Physicians, EMTs and Physician Assistants with RMI Topside Assistance and has successfully coordinated multiple medical evacuations.

All medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, including controlled substances, for three DEA- registered island clinics are purchased and shipped from RMI headquarters.


Following the merger between CGG and Fugro Geoteam, CGG contracted RMI to support the Geo Celtic and the Oceanic Champion with the provision of HSE advisors.

Global Security Company – Africa

RMI worked with a global security company to outfit a medical clinic in Africa by supplying all medical consumables, pharmaceuticals, and controlled substances per NSN number. RMI coordinated all shipping clearance paperwork and signed authorization letters allowing the items to be tracked and delivered in country without issue.

Government Contractor – Afghanistan

RMI currently provides onsite medical and healthcare support for program personnel and third country nationals deployed in Afghanistan. RMI has established professional and sanitary clinic facilities at multiple locations that conform to U.S. standards of care and are maintained in a state of 24/7 preparedness. RMI’s onsite medics provide a high level of medical support to maintain employee’s health while deployed, including: primary and emergency care, drug screening, annual medical exams, immunization administration, preventative medicine, medical training and awareness, and clinic management for equipment, medical supplies, and administration. In addition to routine care, onsite medical support staff also provide a coordinated service with the client’s medevac provider to stabilize and evacuate employees and support processing of human remains for transport. All clinic medical supplies are ordered and shipped door-to-door using RMI’s robust supply chain capabilities. RMI coordinates manufacturer support, field maintenance, and reverse logistics for equipment maintenance and repair. Onsite medical support staff maintain a clinic inventory with adequate supplies for thirty days without resupply and have initiated a rotational stock control system to prevent wastage and monitor usage.

Fugro Marine Services

RMI is contracted for safety medic and HSE services for Fugro Geoteam AS’s international fleet of geoseismic research vessels. Scope of work includes: primary and emergency health care, emergency response and evacuation planning and drills, medical supply and provisioning, participating in the 18001 audits, and training and implementing programs for prevention and wellness.

ION Geophysical

Since 2008, Remote Medical International has provided on-demand medical services including: safety enhanced medics and nurses, equipment, emergency response planning, and local evacuation coordination for ION’s operations worldwide. As the sole provider of medical services for ION, RMI has operated on challenging projects in Brazil, Eastern Greenland, India, and elsewhere.

J Ray McDermott/Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production – Platong Gas II

Scope of work included design, procurement, and supply of all medical equipment, casework, and supplies as part of the contracted upgrade of living quarters on the Platong Gas Complex offshore platform. RMI met project needs by installing and stocking all equipment and supplies in tandem with the client’s team in Singapore.

Private Military Contractor – Afghanistan

RMI is providing the client with high quality technical procurement and logistical services to promote effective regional health. RMI supports the global supply of pharmaceuticals, prescription medications, and vaccines to all of the client’s prime contract locations. Committed to facilitating strong working relationships, RMI provides behind-the-scenes technical expertise and recommendations, successful start to finish procurement services, and logistical coordination. Large and complex orders include: specialized training and mentoring services for the Afghan government and logistics and life support components for fourteen training facilities in Afghanistan. To support in-country disease prevention, all graduates are required to receive vaccinations upon course completion. In support of this immunization effort, RMI was awarded eleven orders totaling in approximately $12M during a six-month period. All sourcing, coordination, and delivery of cold-chain shipments were completed to client satisfaction.

Private Military Contractor – Haiti

RMI provides Topside Assistance and medical evacuation coordination coordinated through RMI’s 24/7 Global Coordination Center. RMI also provides Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERP) to pre-plan all steps and points of contact for evacuation.

Private Military Contractor – Kuwait, Udairi & Afghanistan

RMI is responsible for the professional medical care of the client’s onsite workforce and sub-contractor employees stationed at various operating bases in Kuwait and Afghanistan. RMI provides post deployment health assessments, medical clinic services, medical record retention, and other medical personnel requirements including first aid training.

Private Security Services Provider – Afghanistan

As the preferred medical procurement and logistics vendor for a major private security services corporation, RMI provides comprehensive medical clinic supplies to the client’s onsite protective, guard, and emergency response personnel stationed throughout Afghanistan. Over the past two years, RMI has supplied the client with more than 550 different items, ranging from standard supplies such as medical consumables, pharmaceuticals, and test kits to durable medical equipment and controlled substances. RMI’s logistical support includes customized packing and labeling, shipping coordination and insurance, customs clearance, cold chain management, controlled substance ordering, and proof of delivery documentation. RMI provides best-value procurement in accordance with market availability, risk mitigation, and compliance.

RMI ensures compliance with U.S. and local country regulations to source and procure the most cost-effective items for the end user while working with a preferred logistics and freight forwarding provider to maintain standard logistics processes that comply with applicable laws.

RMI has had a 100% success delivery rate over the past two years in delivering shipments to site unharmed and on time.

Seabed Geosolutions

RMI provides medical support services for Seabed Geosolutions including onsite ALS and safety paramedics, RMI Topside Assistance, and medical equipment provisioning. RMI paramedic’s scope of work includes: primary and emergency health care, emergency response and evacuation planning and drills, and health promotion programs. Locations have included offshore work in West Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Norway, and Spain.