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Remote Medical International (RMI) currently provides medical staffing for 11 clinic locations in the Turkana region of northern Kenya. Through Remote Medical International Kenya, a local company based in Nairobi, RMI staffs 40+ positions utilizing expatriate paramedics and Kenyan physicians and clinical officers under the supervision of a dedicated Project Manager. In addition to medical staffing, RMI supplies the medical equipment, consumables, and pharmaceuticals to outfit and stock all clinics.

After a few months on the ground, our team responded to the need for a more unified emergency response service across the region by purchasing 10 Land Cruiser 78s to be converted into ambulances for use on the tough terrain of Kenya’s remote roads. Following OGP standards and specifications required for rugged environments, the Land Cruisers were transformed into ambulances with four-wheel and right-hand drive capabilities. After clearing quality assurance inspections, all ten vehicles were shipped to Nairobi in early August where they will be outfitted with satellite tracking systems, communications equipment, and a complete supply of RMI Kits and other medical equipment.

Once on location in northern Kenya, the RMI ambulances will be used in an extensive driver training for Turkana employees. After a local recruiting process, RMI will hire approximately 25 drivers who will complete an OGP-compliant defensive driving and emergency vehicle operator training. RMI ambulance drivers will be well versed in: approach and departure angles, wade depth, air bag safety, rock and river navigation, stall recovery, rollover preventing, winching, and vehicle safety checks. Drivers will also complete a customized Remote First Responder training to maximize patient safety in the field.

By the end of the year, RMI will combine the capabilities of local clinics with its ruggedized ambulance response system. The ambulances—each staffed 365 days a year—will be stationed at various clinics and worksites with drivers on the clock during the day and available for emergency response after hours. In the event of an emergency, ambulances will be dispatched to the scene to respond, where the appropriate treatment or transport decision will be made. RMI medics will utilize RMI Topside Assistance for physician medical advice, evacuation assistance, and hospital referrals.

With RMI managing local clinics and a 24/7 ambulance response system, the Turkana region can expect an increase in secure, efficient communication and an overall improvement in transfer of care region-wide. RMI is proud to provide a much-needed solution to remote medical care in the region, and we look forward to providing continued support throughout the years.