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A major government contractor working in remote parts of the Middle East needed to vaccinate 14,000+ employees against hepatitis B, polio, tetanus and meningitis. To maintain their efficacy, these vaccines required a steady temperature of 2°-8° C (35°-46° F) during transit. In order to safely ship millions of dollars worth of refrigerated vaccines to a logistically challenging international location, the client needed a company with expertise in cold chain shipping and customs compliance.


Remote Medical International utilized its extensive network of global manufacturers and vendors to provide the client with competitive pricing. With a dedicated vaccine refrigerator and a backup generator at our corporate headquarters, RMI had the infrastructure in place to properly store and assemble the cold chain shipment. To ensure that the vaccines maintained a steady 2°-8° C during transit, RMI utilized temperature monitors and an Inmark 30 Series Solution A Large Pallet which gave a 100-hour window to complete the transit to the Middle East.


Within one week of the order being finalized, Remote Medical International was ready to ship all of the vaccines with the shipping container conditioned and ready for transit. RMI guaranteed quick clearance by completing all of the necessary customs paperwork. Working with a leading freight forwarding company, RMI also received pre-clearance from customs for the shipment to avoid any delays.

The vaccines, which measured 28.9 cubic feet (.8 cubic meters) and weighed 615 lbs (279 kgs), were delivered to the Middle East in eighty-three hours and confirmed to be between 2°-8° C using an infrared temperature gun and a temperature tracking device included with the shipment that allowed for door-to-door tracking. The client continues to rely on Remote Medical International for complex international vaccine and pharmaceutical shipments.