Now Introducing: RMI Kits

ALS_MAINRemote Medical International is proud to introduce the first line of medical kits designed in-house by, and for, medical professionals operating in remote environments. Created by RMI medics and a Curriculum & Protocol Team that includes medical directors, pharmacists, and industry experts ranging from EMS, yachting, executive protection, and the military, RMI Kits are true products of experience. By combining feedback from RMI field staff with industry standards and current best practices, RMI Kits are filled with the supplies needed to respond to medical emergencies outside the realm of definitive care.

In the coming month, we will introduce over a dozen options ranging from First Aid to Advanced Life Support. Our kits are created to work together to form a tiered response system for a complete range of medical scenarios. Each kit incorporates Component Resupply Stand-Alone (CRS) packs which are quickly restockable and grouped by procedure, skill level, and type of injury/illness to promote immediate access to supplies. Our intuitively organized modular system of labeled pouches also allows bystanders to assist the remote medical provider. All kits are waterproof and designed to stand up to the elements. From day hikers to physicians, RMI Kits are made for anyone who takes medicine in a remote environment seriously. We invite you to explore RMI Kits and contact us with your feedback.