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COVID-19 Has Kept Us Vigilant

The ongoing pandemic is still confusing for many of us, with new variants making headline news regularly. We are constantly presented with new information about COVID-19 and how to stay alert as we evaluate the impact of widespread vaccination.

Currently, the CDC recommends that if you are vaccinated against the virus, you do not need to be tested unless you are presenting symptoms of COVID-19. Many public health officials are staying hopeful that the vaccines and any subsequent boosters will combat the variants. This can offer immense relief to companies that have spent the last 15 or so months with testing plans in place for their employees.

Should My Company Consider Continuing Screening for COVID-19?

Since vaccination rates vary from state-to-state and company-to-company, continued screening is a key part of any plan to safeguard your workforce. It will be essential to consider your employees’ vaccination status along with the vaccination rates in the location where you are conducting your operations so that you know what the level of risk is at your project.

RMI’s medical experts can help you decide on a COVID-19 screening assessment program tailored to your company’s current needs. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process, especially since you’ll have a team of experts guiding you along the way.

What Have We Learned from the Pandemic?

Early on, we quickly learned that many symptoms presented by an individual had the potential to be COVID-19.

Using this knowledge to respond to our client’s needs during the pandemic, we rapidly developed COVID-19 Screening and Testing services to meet their needs. The common goal that our diverse group of customers shared was, “how do I get back to work and protect my employees?”

With the needs of our clients in mind, RMI’s  team of medical professionals were resourceful, flexible, and ready to combat the virus during every complication it caused.

Experience That Protects Your Employees

Our teams had to think of every patient and possible outcome while working on-site in some of the most dangerous and remote locations — all with differing pandemic restrictions and guidelines to follow. Luckily, because we were one of the first companies to create COVID-19 business services, we are uniquely trained to adapt to the unexpected.

While fighting ongoing stressors and still many unknown variables, we’ve never been more prepared to fight a pandemic. We also learned that fighting a pandemic is a team sport. If you’re looking to set up a vaccination program for your employees, RMI can help. Learn how RMI delivered vaccinations through a community-wide effort.

Staying Prepared at Every Turn

Don’t wait to find the right medical team to keep your employees safe and healthy, whether it’s responding to a global pandemic or offering employee vaccinations at a project location.

RMI has the ability to offer bespoke services to companies looking to vaccinate their employees; delivering options for staffing:

  1. Business and Community COVID-19 Vaccine Staffing Services
    Have a vaccine plan in place already and just need the medical staff to execute it? We can get the appropriate staff to your location quickly, including:
  • Vaccine administrators
  • Medical support personnel
  • Clerical support personnel

Stay Vigilant with Screenings and Employee Vaccination Services

Get Started With Screening and Vaccination Services