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At RMI, delivering reliable, timely, and efficient healthcare services is our specialty. We know that any level of disruption on your projects can derail your schedule — which is why we’ve built our entire suite of on-site healthcare services around consistent yet adaptable solutions.

Delivering Consistent and Adaptable Healthcare Solutions to Your Remote Projects

Once assigned to your project, our medical teams build out a specialized plan for you and your employees. This plan can include anything from developing a clinic and staffing ready-to-respond medics to minor support like emergency medical kits.

Suppose you don’t have the budget to support a medical provider on-site. In that case, you can connect to our RMI Access U.S. telemedicine and case management solutions to save money and provide outstanding virtual medical care. These services manage care for your employees from the point of injury through return to work.

If you’re considering entering into an agreement with a healthcare partner, here’s what our team of experts think you should take into account:

Experienced Medical Staff:

Having a qualified medical team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and emergency medical technicians with experience working in remote and high-risk environments can add confidence in an otherwise stressful or unpredictable environment.

Here are all the capabilities our team of medical professionals possesses before being assigned to an on-site project:

  • Have passed an exam with a focus on remote medicine
  • Trained in accessing our 24/7/365  dedicated topside support backed by practicing western emergency medicine physicians and specialists
  • Have matched to projects based on site-specific requirements, training fit, and cultural fit
  • Have access to extensive guidelines and protocols specific to workplace health in remote and challenging locations

Logistical Support:

While considering a healthcare partner, you’ll also want to know how committed they are to finding logistical solutions. This may sound obvious, but not every company has the capacity to find alternative solutions if something goes wrong.

For instance, how quickly can they get supplies to a remote location if there’s a delay in the supply chain? If their traditional logistical network experiences delays, how do they resolve the issue to get you back on schedule?

Our medical and risk assessment teams can create a medical emergency response plan and location evaluations to create contingencies and repeatable measures to ensure the following are documented:

  • Nearby medical facilities and their tolerance for trauma
  • Evacuation routes by land, sea, and air
  • Access to technical support like cellular and internet services
  • Medical supply logistics
  • In-country restrictions or requirements related to COVID-19

At RMI, we’re proud of our ability to find out-of-the-box methods to solve problems caused by events outside of our control.

Learn how we approach and manage risk in the most dangerous offshore and onshore environments.

Topside Support

Just like logistical support, consider how your healthcare partner supports their medics in the field.

At RMI, behind every medical provider working remotely on-site, is a team of experts — our 24/7 Topside Support team. Our Topside Support services extend world-class medical advice and resources to any location in the world where there is a medical provider on-site. This team is instantly accessible by phone, email, secure video chat software, or telehealth device.

This allows for medics in the field to communicate with their peers at any time to find solutions to complicated health or safety issues, coordinate an evacuation back to the states, or share medical records — just to name a few areas of medical support.

Learn How RMI Can Meet All Your On-site Healthcare Needs Today

Whether you’re already working with a healthcare partner or considering one, RMI offers on-site solutions that are reliable, consistent, and adaptable to your project’s requirements.

Meet Your On-site Healthcare Needs