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In our eBook, you will find practical advice to help your company reduce unnecessary recordables by implementing high-quality industrial medical staffing and health and safety staffing services.

  • You’ll get our expert opinions on making sure your industrial medical providers understand how to deliver high-quality and appropriate care that minimizes unnecessary recordables.
  • You’ll learn why good clinical services and oversight are a team effort that ensures the right medical professional is selected and supported.
  • You’ll understand why an effective health and safety program is difficult to achieve if there isn’t trust between you, your employees, and your medical provider.
  • You’ll realize that there’s no such thing as a minor injury and that it’s essential for your medical provider and health and safety team to gather all necessary information to establish whether an event is work-related.
  • You’ll also understand why appropriate medical screenings can help identify and avoid situations that often lead to unnecessary recordable incidents.

Our recommendations for keeping your employees healthy and productive are applicable for a wide range of industries from offshore wind to construction, and everything in between.

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