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Although medical clinics are often associated with construction sites or other high-risk areas, film studios can also benefit from having medical staff nearby.

Unfortunately, even major production companies occasionally have medical issues on set. In 2019, a stunt gone wrong injured two producers on the set of LA’s Finest. Other stunts have resulted in injuries or, rarely, death. In some cases, OSHA has proposed penalties for issues like inadequate health and safety protocols.

Having medical staff on-site can help studios keep everyone safe and healthy. Also, in the unlikely case that someone gets injured, medical staff can respond immediately and, hopefully, improve outcomes.

Proactive Health Monitoring

One way that medical staff on-site can help keep actors, stunt people, and other employees safe is to monitor the crew regularly. Medical staff that regularly interact with the studio employees can spot when someone is acting abnormal, and they can react accordingly. For example, medical staff on-site may be able to detect early signs of a heart attack.

The advance notice can help ensure that the ill or injured person gets appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

The medical clinics can also provide additional support to help avoid injury, such as physical therapy (PT). Having on-site PT services can reduce health plan spending on musculoskeletal disorders, rehab therapies, and pains in the back and neck. As a further benefit, employees that feel good are more productive and engaged.

Quick Injury Support

In the unlikely and unfortunate circumstance that someone is injured at a studio, an on-site medical clinic can provide medical care immediately. While emergency medical services can respond quickly in many cities, a medical provider on-site will be able to respond faster.

In some cases, the on-site medical provider may be able to provide a higher level of care than emergency medical services. For example, if a nurse practitioner is on-site, they have more training and can provide a higher level of care than an EMT.

Quick response times and a high level of medical care can make a huge difference in outcomes for injured employees.

Health and Safety Compliance

On-site medical staff can also help studios properly comply with OSHA regulations. As of 2015, OSHA made the injury reporting requirements stricter for the entertainment industry. More injuries now have to be reported.

On-site medical staff, trained in conservative medical care, can appropriately treat injuries so that every injury doesn’t require emergency medical services and a hospital visit.

Setting up a Studio Clinic

An expert medical staffing and services company like Remote Medical International can help your studio set up the right clinic solution for your location and individual needs. For example, a studio far from emergency medical services may want a more capable medical provider on-site than one five miles from the nearest hospital.

Working with an experienced medical company can help you find the right fit for your production and budget.

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