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Recently, several Remote Medical International medics, nurses, and physicians had the opportunity to travel to Kiev, Ukraine, to participate in a multi-day intensive Night Vision Helicopter Training. This elite team then headed to West Africa to perform rotor-wing medical evacuations.

Comprised of multiple lectures and hands-on training, our providers familiarized themselves with how to best respond to medical crises in a night scenario during the Night Vision Helicopter Training.  With the added benefit of getting to know each other prior to an evacuation, both the medical crew and flight crew learned the basics of communicating well in helicopters during the night.  

After the lecture phase, the team members were able to practically apply their newly acquired skills in the helicopter. This included a wide variety of exercises which tested the team members’ ability to communicate in unstable and distracting conditions.

One Remote Medical International provider described the experience as, “Incredibly valuable time spent learning the equipment and helicopters before engaging in any medical evacuations. This kind of training is essential for strengthening teamwork and procedures to ensure project success.”

Remote Medical’s providers now have a new skill set which they can take to any aeromedical situation, including their current project. Night Vision Helicopter Training is an example of the ongoing training our team receives to improve performance and provide exceptional medical care. There is no substitute for tactile, hands-on learning, especially in preparing for a remote and challenging environment and project.



Remote Medical International has over a decade of experience delivering medical services to global organizations working in remote and challenging environments. Our integrated and comprehensive medical support solutions range from medical training and equipment to on-site medical staffing. With experience in over 120 countries, we have the knowledge and flexibility to support your project.

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