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Remote Medical International® is proud to announce the completion of Pegasus Climbing Team’s first mountain expedition. The four members of Pegasus reached the summits of Punta Rossa (11,909 ft), Gran Serra (11,653 ft), and the Gran Paradiso (13,323 ft). While summiting the Gran Paradiso, Pegasus faced an extremely narrow stretch of rock with high winds that prevented other teams from reaching the top.

The Pegasus Climbing Team carried medical equipment from RMI’s inventory including  individual medical kits and a larger comprehensive medical kit—both of which were used to treat minor injuries and ailments including: blisters, headaches, diarrhea, and nasal congestion.

“Carrying the right equipment gave us confidence and peace of mind knowing that we would have been able to deal appropriately with more serious medical problems, including life-threatening emergencies, should they have occurred,” wrote Dirk G. of Pegasus.

The Pegasus Climbing Team prepared for the expedition in their home country of Belgium for six months. The team hoped to demonstrate that challenging events can be accomplished with the right motivation and preparation. All four members play on the same soccer team and were looking to learn new outdoor skills in an austere and unfamiliar environment.

“Safety was on of the climbing team’s primary concerns from the start,” said Dirk. “While much can be achieved by will power and improvisation, there is no substitute for the right equipment, especially in a remote and extreme environment.”

If you or someone you know has completed an expedition using RMI gear, training, or medical support, we would love to hear about your adventures. Please email us at with your updates on medical safety and adventure.