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Remote Medical International (RMI) didn’t sit on the sidelines when a global workplace health and safety crisis hit. COVID-19 was spreading worldwide and we pivoted – creating our COVID-19 medical services to meet the needs of companies in industrial and remote locations.

Along the way, we gained business from customers in unexpected industries.

We’re proud to share that our swift response to COVID-19 recently received an honorable mention from the Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC).

The PowerPoint slide from HITMC with RMI's honorable mention.

This honorable mention recognizes the outstanding achievement of organizations that excelled at pivoting their business, operations and/or marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Positioning and Messaging for COVID-19 Medical Support  

We know many people have “COVID-19 fatigue”, but it was all anyone was reading about at the beginning of the pandemic.

It was essential to position the company as one of the first with COVID-19 medical support services, including COVID-19 business consulting.

Our messaging cut through the massive amount of information circulating online and reached industries that needed COVID-19 health and safety staffing services to keep their employees protected from the virus.

Much like our team of talented medical professionals responding to emergencies on-site, RMI needed to act swiftly to meet the growing demands COVID-19 presented for our clients, which is why we offer several corporate COVID-19 services.

RMI Worked Well Under Pressure

Luckily, the company worked well under pressure and turned the pandemic into an opportunity to offer COVID-19 employer testing and screening services to help companies in multiple industries like offshore wind and entertainment resume their operations.

With an all-hands approach, we were able to push out information about our services during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic through organic and paid channels.

We gained an understanding of local and federal mandates, leaned on our experts in the field, and above all else, provided reliable service to our clients by listening to their needs.

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