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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the entire world approaches healthcare. It demonstrated that flexible, remote options for receiving care are essential.

When operating in challenging work environments, there is a need for access to exceptional medical advice for workers. The need for access to advice was compounded by the pandemic, which added risk to employees’ safety and created logistical headaches.

Enter: RMI Access™ Telemedicine, a means of accessing critical medical advice anytime.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine provides 24/7 chat and video access to medical providers licensed in all 50 states via a virtual platform.

With RMI Access Telemedicine, employees have access to care at any time – whether at work or away from the job site. All medical professionals who interact with workers are board-certified physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or physicians trained in industrial injury management.

If an employee needs medical attention for any reason, they can follow the process below to access medical care:

  1. The employee accesses a portal via their smartphone or computer and answers various questions about their current condition.
  2. The portal then assesses the severity of their condition based on the employee’s responses.
  3. If their condition is deemed mild, they have the option to get medical advice via a flexible, convenient chat-based feature.
  4. If their condition is deemed more serious, or if the employee simply prefers, they will have the option to be seen by a medical professional via video. Virtual face-to-face interaction gives a more in-depth look into the employee’s condition.
  5. Once the employee has talked with a medical professional, they’ll receive a treatment plan sent to them directly via RMI Access.
  6. The medical professional can also prescribe medications that can be filled at their local pharmacy.
  7. The employee can then follow up with a medical professional via RMI Access at any point during or after their treatment.

How Can Telemedicine Help Mitigate COVID-19 Within Working Environments?

As an employer, adapting to the unique logistical and administrative challenges the pandemic has brought about is vital.

Poorly managed cases of COVID-19 may result in adverse effects such as:

  • Suboptimal treatment for workers
  • Poor containment of an outbreak
  • Lost time across the organization

Having used RMI Access Telemedicine within our workforce, we have seen firsthand that access to virtual, 24/7 professional care and advice is game-changing in preventing and managing COVID-19 cases. It’s allowed us to keep our projects fully staffed, employees safe and healthy, and the operational tempo high.

If a worker starts experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, having quick access to legitimate medical care is crucial to their recovery and avoiding an uncontrolled outbreak within the working environment.

It also gives any worker who has tested positive with COVID-19 incredible peace of mind knowing they have unlimited access to medical providers.

Workers know they’re taken care of, and employers know they have the situation under control.

Telemedicine Services For Your Workforce

We understand the need for crucial on-site medical staffing within a demanding work environment like oil and gas or construction, especially when COVID-19 outbreaks are possible.

Telemedicine offers top-notch remote workplace medical services to your  project site virtually while helping you save costs and improve outcomes for sick employees.

Keep Your Staff Safe With RMI Access Telemedicine