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Many companies are planning to add corporate COVID testing to their health and safety staffing services process. COVID-19 testing can help companies reduce risk and comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

While PCR testing remains the “gold standard” for accuracy, rapid testing is also a fairly accurate and often more cost-effective method. Results are generated faster than the PCR method and allow companies to respond quickly to outbreaks.

There are a number of rapid testing kits available and also multiple methods to conduct testing.

Rapid Testing Options

Companies can choose from a variety of kits. Some options include: Abbott ID Now, ThermoFisher Accula, Quidel Quickvue, and Carestart Rapid Antigen. Both molecular and antigen tests can be procured.

Then, companies need to determine how to conduct testing.

Traditionally, an on-site medical staffing partner, like RMI, would staff testing personnel. This trained medical personnel would conduct the testing and confirm all the results are reported correctly.

Companies in diverse industries, like offshore wind and entertainment, that wish to comply with the forthcoming OSHA federal requirements can also conduct testing using internal personnel or telemedicine proctoring (also known as video-guided testing).

Since some companies want the oversight of a medical partner but at a more cost-effective price, RMI developed a video-guided COVID-19 testing solution.

How Video Guided COVID-19 Rapid Testing Works

RMI coordinates all the logistics of the video-guided testing. This includes:

  • Shipping test kits to project sites
  • Providing a portal for participants to schedule their test
  • Video guiding personnel through the testing process
  • Verifying and reporting results

With RMI running the test program, companies can focus on their own deliverables.

Benefits of Video Guided Testing

This approach provides the benefits of having a medical company oversee the testing program but at a more cost-effective price than traditional on-site staffing.

The price difference is especially relevant because medical staff is in high demand, so medical staffing is more expensive than in the past. Video-guided testing enables medical staff to support clients across multiple sites, which is a good use of this valuable resource.

Interested in COVID Testing?

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