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About Us
CompanyHistory_thumb.jpg History
Learn about Remote Medical International's past and present.
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Philosophy_Thumb.jpg Philosophy
After more than a decade of growth, RMI continues to be fueled by the passion, pride, dedication, and unique character of its employees. We are proud to have built a passionate team of medical experts renowned for our commitment to providing customers with continuity of care on a global scale.
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Columbia_Asia_thumb.jpg Affiliated Hospitals
Remote Medical International is proud to partner with Columbia Asia to provide global access to highly skilled doctors and nurses in modern hospitals located in the Pacific Asia region. With Columbia Asia, RMI clients benefit from advanced medical diagnostics, clean facilities, and technology designed for maximum comfort and efficiency throughout twenty-three hospitals worldwide.
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conferences_thumb.jpg News, Events & Resources
Explore RMI case studies, press coverage, conference schedule, and newsletter archive.
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healthandsafety_thumb.jpg Health & Safety
Remote Medical International is entrusted as a health and safety service provider by our clients. We take this trust seriously and believe that excellence in health and safety begins internally.
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Career-Opportunities_thumb.jpg Career Opportunities
With headquarters in Seattle (USA) and employees based all over the globe, Remote Medical International operates worldwide as a single source solution for companies and individuals operating in remote environments. With employment opportunities throughout our Core 5 offerings, the RMI team works together to meet and exceed the unique needs of our clients.
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RMI_Headquarters_Thumb.jpg RMI Leadership
RMI's Leadership is composed of healthcare experts who prioritize experience-based learning and continual improvement. Learn more about our executive staff and board of directors here.
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staffprofiles_thumb.jpg RMI Medical Staff
RMI medical staff are qualified and effective employees with a passion for hard work and adventure. From professional mountaineers and firefighters to military special operations and maritime specialists, our employees add depth and expertise to our company. The RMI team has a proven track record of professionalism and exceptional customer service.
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Contact-Page_thumb.jpg Contact Us
+1 (206) 686-4878
+1 (800) 597-4911 (US & Canada)

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