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“Remote” has become a trending theme over the last few years for many reasons. And between advancements in technology and a global effort to expand capabilities, health and safety services in remote locations are advancing rapidly.

RMI has extensive experience working 24/7 across remote and dangerous locations for clients on-site, and we’re rapidly growing our virtual services like our U.S. telemedicine and case management service, RMI™ Access.

We understand that your remote projects are unique and have different needs. RMI is committed to providing bespoke services to meet whatever requirements you have.

On-site Medical & Safety Solutions 

Our team can be right by your side, with medical professionals on location. Protecting your employees’ health with the right mix of medical and safety staff on-site in your remote location allows for a fast response to medical incidents and ongoing safety improvement.

Having medical staff and a clinic on-site also improves morale and shows employees that their health and safety is a priority to their company.

Our on-site medical and safety solutions include:

Our team of highly qualified and experienced providers are ready to respond and are always backed by a full virtual support team — available 24/7.

Remotely Delivered Medical & Safety Services

When organizations need medical and safety services delivered to their workforce, they sometimes have different project requirements where virtual services are a better option for the project. We have a suite of virtual services that can be delivered to your employees across the globe. 

  • Global Assistance Services: When your employees need medical assistance or security support above and beyond what your on-site team can provide, you need our assistance services for companies operating in remote or challenging physical or political environments.
  • Occupational Health Services: Ensure your employees are fit for duty with comprehensive screenings and reporting.
  • Medical Supplies: Get all the medications and equipment you require through our global medical supply chain and logistics.
  • Corporate COVID-19 Services: Consulting and Case Management services for your workforce.

RMI Access 

Our recently launched and remotely delivered RMI Access is a service that offers telemedicine and case management solutions to address the challenges presented by demanding industrial environments in remote locations.

Rather than relying solely on local healthcare infrastructure or establishing a worksite clinic, telemedicine offers top-notch care for your worksite virtually to save costs and improve patient outcomes. Telemedicine provides direct anytime, anywhere access to licensed medical providers including:

  • 24/7/365 access. Since industrial work often extends well beyond the 9–5 workweek. Telemedicine provides timely 24/7/365 access to providers for on-demand medical care exactly when and where you need it.
  • Licensed providers across the country. Telemedicine delivers access to providers licensed to perform telemedicine in all 50 states, giving you coverage anywhere your work takes you.
  • Providers trained in industrial injury management. Demanding industrial worksites present unique challenges from a medical care perspective, our providers are uniquely trained to provide optimal care to your employees.
  • App-based telemedicine connection. Your employees need quick, convenient access to medical advice. By using a mobile application, our telemedicine service allows patients to receive medical advice via chat or video.

Our case management solution takes it a step further by delivering successful outcomes through effective planning, fast response, ongoing injury management, and detailed reporting:

  • Direct telephonic connection. Depending on their internet access, our case management solution gives patients the option to connect to the service via a direct phone call.
  • Clinical resource selection. Knowing how to identify and select clinics and medical resources takes a lot of work. Case management identifies clinical resources for each of your worksites, removing the burden off your team and ensuring access to quality resources.
  • End-to-end injury support. Cohesive support after an industrial injury is crucial. It requires time and management of clinic visits, appointments, and next steps for employees. This case management service can help you coordinate every step of the way until the employee is ready to return to work.

Whatever Your Needs – RMI is Here to Assist 

We know how important it is to be flexible and adaptable while working in remote locations. Whether it’s on-site support, strictly virtual services or a combination of both, RMI can assist you on your project.

Learn How RMI Can Be Your Solution