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Recently, Remote Medical International supported a record-breaking pipeline construction “pull” in the Continental United States.

This pipeline construction pull involved almost 3,500 feet of 48-inch diameter pipe. With a wall thickness of one inch, the pipe itself weighed approximately 9 million pounds. This pull required 57 sections of 60-foot pipe being pulled through a horizontally-drilled hole, which rests at over 25 feet below grade. Each section of pipe weighed almost 30,000 pounds. At any given time, the Side Booms (tractors which lift and guide the pipe) were holding over 300,000 pounds over 18 feet in the air.

This pipeline will service as the main line going into a liquefaction plant. Not only is this the primary connection which will deliver natural gas to the plant itself, but it was also the longest pull on the project.

A pipeline construction of this magnitude has been attempted by other companies, but always met with  failure. We, at Remote Medical International, want to offer our congratulations to our client on their successful record breaking effort, a success which was completed injury free! We are proud to have been able to provide world-class medical support for this pipeline construction project. 


Remote Medical International has over a decade of experience delivering medical services to global organizations working in remote and challenging environments. Our integrated and comprehensive medical support solutions range from medical training and equipment to on-site medical staffing. With experience in over 120 countries, we have the knowledge and flexibility to support your project.

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